Arab Wedding at SIA Sports Club & Orchard Hotel: Salleh & Nur

Salleh & Nur have been friends since they were in Secondary School. "It took some time for the stars to align but they eventually did and it was amazing because we had this foundation of friendship and trust to build our love and lives upon.", said Salleh. He proposed with a room filled with flowers and balloons; each balloon had a picture of a significant moment in our relationship. 

There were about a thousand guests at their wedding! We could feel an immense sense of shared joy and love.

They both agreed that being on the dais at the wedding gave them a very unique view of the events. Ultimately, sitting up there and seeing all their loved ones in one place, all happy, laughing, smiling and enjoying the event is a special experience they will always remember.

Wedding vendors featured in photos:
Photography & Videography: Simplifai Studios
Bride's outfits: Digio Bridal, Diamond Bridal Studio
Groom's outfits: Vanda Fine Clothing, Diamond Bridal Studio
Decor at SIA Sports Club: Jentayu Gallery
Decor at Orchard Hotel: Sentimentals
Wedding cakes: SpatulaSweetnessSg
Wedding planner: KAWAN Creative International