Mixed Wedding at Gurame and SAF Yacht Club: Alif & Liza

Alif and Liza are, believe it or not, next block neighbours! Despite residing so close to each other for over 10 years, they never knew each other on a personal level. Whenever they crossed paths, there were only brief exchanges, limited to just hellos and goodbyes along with shy smiles here and there.

Here's where fate came into play. They both became air crews for Singapore Airlines and were put on the same flight together to Adelaide, Australia! "We both felt comfortable with each other right from the start. And it was explosive, right from the beginning.", said Alif.

There were two wedding receptions, one to cater for the bride's side of the family and another for the groom's. The decoration for both venues were easily one of the classiest that I have ever witnessed. Credits to Elly Weddings and Jentayu Gallery! Make-up, hairdo and outfits from Fatimah Mohsin were flawless, as always.