Roadtrip around Western USA + Coachella

It was our first time in North America! We were really lucky that our flight to San Francisco was full. Why lucky? Well, we volunteered to get on a flight that departed 7 hours later in exchange for a US$500 (S$702) Delta Airlines voucher! That covered about 60% of the fare that we paid originally.

We were expecting a warm weather in California but wow, it was really scorching in the day and really chilly at night. The dilemma we faced every day was whether to bring a jacket out or leave it at the hotel. Cause, you know, it was useless till about 8pm. We rented a Dodge Challenger for a road trip from San Francisco to Yosemite and returned it at Fresno airport to catch a flight to Vegas baby!

Well, Vegas was really interesting. It's like everyone had a split personality they never knew they had. We caught KA by Cirque du Soleil and did some light gambling. I didn't know that the Vegas Strip is 6.8 kilometres long! We walked only about half of it.

Next stop, Grand Canyon! This place took my breath away. Going there for the first time, the sheer size of it would just leave you speechless for a few minutes. I was pretty disturbed by kids running around near the edge of the canyon. And people risking their lives for a good selfie. Gosh. It's no wonder that death is reported about once in every couple of weeks.

We then rented a Ford Mustang for the great migration to Indio for the annual Coachella Music Festival! That was one of the best drives that I have ever had. Through the deserts and mountains, miles and miles of nothingness and without cell network in a convertible. That's a huge check off the bucket list. Coachella was just a beautiful experience. Watching the most talented music artistes making music while you sit on the grass with a slice of juicy watermelon in your hand. Doesn't get much better than that.

I have never seen a country with such a huge variety of sights and landscapes, to be honest. And I've only gone to 3 of 50 states in the USA! I have to come back, for sure.