Turning 30 at Amsterdam and Brussels + Tomorrowland

Most people dread turning 30. As for me, I see it as nothing other than a milestone. A checkpoint. I set short and long term goals. A lot of them had my 30th birthday as the deadline. I am lucky to have done all the things that I wanted to do before today. I did things I never thought I would. I overcame things I never thought I could. 

As I age, I realised that I strive a little lesser to collect money and a little harder to collect experience. I decided to travel more a couple of years back. Don't get me wrong, I'm not rich. I learnt to spend very little on my travels. I stay in Airbnb apartments instead of hotels. Heck, I stayed in a notorious Favela, when I was in Brazil for the World Cup. It showed me the true side of Brazil. The people living in poverty. The friendly smiles. Kids juggling their football in the tiny alleys around slumps they call home. These are the kind of experiences you don't get when you do touristy stuff. Besides, the money I save in one vacation pays for my next.

I decided to extend my travel in Europe after that Euroadtrip with my family. The one thing left to do before I say goodbye to my twenties was Tomorrowland. I love Electronic music to bits. It saved me from depression countless times when I was in my early twenties. Naturally, Tomorrowland has been a dream since then. It is the biggest music festival in the world with attendance of about 180,000. I was elated when a friend and I managed to get tickets for it.

The three-day experience was out of this world. We met some great people there. The music was better than I had imagined. And what's better than sleeping in a tent among the people of tomorrow from all over the world? When the last song ended, the sound of a heartbeat was played over the humongous speakers. A voice came out and said, "All sounds begin in silence and all return to it. In essence, all of us came from silence and were awaken by one single sound. There is no one alive that has not heard this sound. Delicate, powerful, full of care and love. It is the sound of your mother's heartbeat". It brought me to tears.