Muslim Wedding in Singapore: Azad & Adah

Another childhood love story to continue from our post a couple of months ago! This one almost didn't happen!

Azad and Adah were Primary School classmates. The love story didn't start till about 6 years ago. The couple starting going out after Adah ended a 12-years relationship. They both never confessed their feelings for each other. Adah thought that Azad had no feelings towards her then. This led Adah's friend to match-make another guy to Adah who ended up proposing to her! Well, we're glad they sorted that out!

The proposal was a quiet and personal affair. The couple was walking around Tampines Mall when Azad brought Adah to view a window exhibit at a jewellery boutique. The conversation went like this:

Azad: “Does that ring look nice?”
Adah: “Yes…very. It’s so unique.”
Azad: “You like it?”
Adah: “Yes……very much”
Azad: “Come on, let’s get it” (grinning)
Adah :( shock expression) “What for?”
Azad: (whispers in the ear)”Well…that’s your engagement ring”

How was the wedding event like to you? What was the mood/atmosphere?
"The event felt very rushed, especially for us and you guys, going back and forth, however it was fantastic at the same time. Both camps were in high spirits and in very joyous mood. It was exhilarating.", said Azad

What most memorable bit about the wedding?
"Azad dancing for the first time in his life." - Adah

How did you feel during the wedding and how did you feel when you saw him for the first time?
"Anxious, worried for him.  Wondering if he will be able to lafaz only once! During the nikah, I tried to keep my emotions in check but the moment my eyes landed on him, the floodgates opened. Thankful and grateful to HIM that in a few minutes, we will be husband and wife.", said Adah

Any outstanding details or highlights about the wedding?
"Meeting close friends that we’ve not seen in ages, that was a great highlight of the wedding. Another was our outdoor shoot at our school."

Describe the style of your gowns and suits.
"Indian & Arabic with a touch of western."

Adah didn't wan't a traditional wedding cake as she feels that it may go to waste when the wedding is over. Nobody wants to bring a cake home! She opted for macarons as guests will be able to savour the bite-sized delicacy easily. Azad went with a cake looking like Arabian pillows.

Make-up & outfits: Mumbai Image by Nora Sahari
Bestman service: Abang Shukor
Decoration: Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services, Wedding Meets Design
Catering: Hajjah Halijah Catering and Wedding Services, Md Shah Catering Catering and Wedding Services
Cakes: EatMyOven, Lynn’s Cakes
Henna: Shiny Surya
Wedding favours: I Do I Do Wedding Favors, Our Midas Touch, Kak Rita Gubahan Services
Photoshoot location: Junyuan Primary School