Malay-Chinese Wedding at Lagun Sari: Roy & Ema

They say first love is the deepest. Roy & Ema met in school when they were just 15. They were also working part time in the same building back then. This was where smiles turned into hellos and byes and ultimately, text messages and phone calls. They got married on their 10th year together. What a milestone.

What was the most memorable bit about the wedding?
"It was the bittersweet moment when my dad carried out the solemnization and handed me over to my husband. I have always been a daddy's girl and talking to my dad was the first thing I did every time I come home from school or work. Few months before the wedding, when I broached the subject of wanting my dad to carry out the solemnization, he was reluctant as he was afraid he will get too emotional. When he finally agreed, I felt like it was the most memorable and precious last gift that he had given me before I enter my marriage life. It was bittersweet as I knew changes were inevitable."

How did you feel during the wedding and how did you feel when you saw him for the first time?
"It was nerve-wrecking as most eyes are on us. I kept praying that everything went smoothly as my husband is socially awkward and it was painful to see him blinking his eyes and swallowing his saliva profusely when his nervous. When I first saw him during the solemnization, it dawned on me that this is the man that will be my provider, protector and khalifah. When I looked at his face, I knew I can trust him with my life."

How did you feel when it was over?
"When the whole ceremony was over, it felt like a huge weight have been lifted from our shoulders. We felt relieved and thankful that everything went as planned. Even though there were some glitches here and there, it was still a perfect ceremony for both of us."

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
"Nothing. It was an imperfectly perfect wedding for both of us and we couldn't be more thankful."

Make-up & outfits: CHANTIQUE The Bridal Gallery
Catering: Delima Catering & Lagun Sari Wedding and Catering Services